Below are some frequently asked questions about Holistic Yogic Healing. Please go through them in cases of doubts regarding HYH and its benefits.

Since Holistic Yogic Healing isn’t a term that is widely being used or spoken about, people often find it hard to understand what it is and how it works. We have put forward some questions which we often get from people who come to us.

What is Holistic Yogic Healing?

This term cannot be answered by a Google Search. Healing means, curing an illness. Yogic Healing is a healing performed through higher advanced Yogic practices. Yogic Healing is a natural, holistic treatment to relieve you of any kind of ailment that is physical, psychological, or Karmic.

Do I have to do any exercises or Asanas for this?

No. Yogic Healing only requires you to just lie down and receive treatment.

On what principle does Yogic Healing function?

Yogic Healing works on the diseased body or mind by channeling the Prana or Universal Energy or Vital Life Force Energy on to the receiver.

What is Universal Cosmic Energy/Vital Life Force/Prana?

It is the Energy with which we breathe in order to live. So is it Oxygen? Yes, but it is the core essence of Energy Source of all Life on the Earth. Hence it is more than just Oxygen.

How Does Yogic Healing act on diseases?

According to Yogic Healing, diseases are rooted in three forms of our existence – Body, Mind and Soul. Yogic Healing uses the medium of Vital Life Force Energy or Prana and eradicates the diseased energy in all the three entities of an individual.

What happens to the diseased energy during healing?

Let us take the instance of our Respiratory System. It is this Vital Life Force (Prana Shakthi) which rejuvenates our Blood by converting de-oxygenated blood into oxygenated blood through every breath. Likewise, through the Unique technique of Yogic Healing, this Prana Shakthi is directly channelized to the diseased/affected part of body. The disease and its negative energy is transformed into positive life giving energy during the process of Yogic Healing.

Will Yogic Healing be effective in resolving psychological complaints like Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Addiction, Sleeplessness, OCD, etc.?

Yes. Yogic Healing has proven to be a COMPLEMENTARY and effective ALTERNATIVE THERAPY in most psychiatric/psychological complaints, and significantly in the above mentioned conditions.

Will Yogic Healing be effective in congenital conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Learning disorders etc.,?

Yes. Most children with such conditions have shown marked improvements with Yogic Healing.

For which other ailments can we find remedy through Yogic Healing?

Stroke, Epilepsy, Paralysis, and other nervous impairments, migraine, sinusitis, digestive disorders, joint pain, spine related issues, etc., are some of the conditions for which Yogic Healing has been effective.

When can I expect to see results after Yogic Healing?

Results are imminent. The changes begin to take place from the invisible subtle portions of our body where the diseased energy is rooted. Since the cleansing/healing works from this root, the result of changes may take time to become visible or felt by the receiver. The results may vary between individuals based on the intensity of their diseased energy.

Will Yogic Healing interfere with my allopathic treatment? Will it have any side effects?

No. Yogic Healing has proven to be complementary to modern medicine. It has improved the said medical conditions along with the prescribed medications. It does not have side effects since it is natural. In some cases, after a certain period of Yogic Healing, your Doctor may even reduce your dosage.

What is Subtle Body? Where is this diseased energy rooted?

Mind is said to be our Subtle Body. The mind is the reservoir and beholder of pain, pleasure, happiness, disease, etc.,. Generally, we tend to believe that diseases are located in our physical body alone. However we do not experience those pains in our sleep state. Therefore, in a deep sleep, there are no feelings or emotions. As how sleep is crucial for our rejuvenation, Yogic Healing provides rejuvenation through a deep sleep-like state and removes the diseased energy from its root.

How can students benefit from Yogic Healing?

Lack of concentration, peer pressure, suicidal thoughts, lack of self confidence, memory problems, exam fear, stage fear, competitive stress, unexplained fear, anger issues, etc., are some of the commonly faced problems which can be easily dealt with through Yogic Healing.

Is Yogic Healing beneficial only fora patients or can anyone avail it?

Yogic Healing seeks to realign physical and emotional imbalances in any individual. Yogic Healing not only eradicates disease but is also an effective preventive measure, and helps one lead a balanced peaceful life in tune with nature.

Please Note:

Before scheduling an appointment, please read more about Etiquette at the Wellness Centre.

The treatment fees are an energy exchange for our time, effort and expertise, and not a charge for the healing Universal energy. This Universal energy is free to everyone.

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Holistic Yogic Healing is not a substitute for physical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Healing sessions are not intended to replace a doctor, chiropractor, psychiatrist, or any other health care professional. Holistic Yogic Healing is safe for everyone (including infants and children) and will not interfere with any regimen or medicine.