Etiquette At Wellness


We assure you that our center is filled with silence; we suggest you to merge with it and enjoy the peace.


  • Punctuality is a virtue

We value your precious time and would greatly appreciate if you value ours. Please arrive/ be present on time for your appointment.


  • Cancellation / Rescheduling

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your bookings for direct visit or online, a minimum 24-hour notice is appreciated so that someone in need may take the space & time.


  •  Stood Up

For “no show” appointments, a 100% value of the intended treatment will be charged as it is then impossible to give the space to someone else.


  • Bookings

Bookings can be made by phone, text and email.  We suggest booking in advance to avoid disappointment.


  • Dress

For energy healing sessions, wear comfortable clothing and avoid heavy perfumes.


  • Mobile phones

Please ensure your mobile phone is switched off or on airplane mode before your arrival to maintain a tranquil space with no interruptions in your treatment.


  • Holistic Yogic Healing session preparation & aftercare

Avoid alcohol and large or heavy meals before an energy healing or meditation session. Any questions or concerns at any point in time, please feel to contact us directly.


  • Caring for Children @ WELLNESS

Please ensure that your toddler or child (below 12 years) is not left unaccompanied during your session or therapy time. It is suggested to bring another trusted person to take care of them while your undivided focus is with the therapy process. 

For distance and online sessions, it is upto you to leverage the maximum benefit of the sessions by creating a silent, tranquil environment for yourself.


  • Spread the word

Share your positive experience at WELLNESS with your friends and do leave us a review! An act of gratitude sends countless ripples in the Universe to reach other seekers. Thank you in advance.