At The Wellness Center for Yoga & Holistic Yogic Healing, we emphasize a holistic approach to health and wellness.

We work with each client to develop a plan of action tailored to his or her individual needs. Our goal is to integrate physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, and spiritual components and restore balance inwardly and outwardly. We draw our expertise from the ancient texts on Yogasutras, Vedas, Upanishads and Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) to chalk out a healthy road map to your future.

The foundation of well being springs forth from our soul

It is our innate nature to be happy eternally; Satchitananda (pure, supreme bliss) is the song of the soul.

History Of Us

The Wellness Centre was inaugurated in 2016, at Tiruchirappalli (Tamil Nadu, India), by Shri. R. Mukundha Krishnan and Shrimathi. G.K. Aparna. 

What do we do?

WELLNESS was conceptualized as a centre for yoga, healing and astrology to alleviate the sufferings of society at large and strengthen a society of people.

Our Mission

We help people be spiritually-rooted, dis”ease”-free and lead a balanced, harmonious life with the experience of the Divine.

Some FAQs

What are the essential ingredients to a happy life?

The three essential ingredients to a balanced and
harmonious living are:

(1) being disease-free,
(2) knowing the cause of disease and taking
preventive measures as future course of action and
(3) to sustain the state of well-being physically,

mentally and spiritually, and live life effectively as an
integrated personality.

How is this different from what Doctors offer?

The diagnostic advancements achieved with the help of modern medical science have helped humanity greatly by giving a precise picture about a disease. Yet, getting completely rid of a disease cannot fully rely on investigations and drugs alone, as the seeds of disease lie rooted in our non-physical body or subtle body. So it is imperative to understand and unearth the latent root cause that culminated into a diseased state. This is where our “Holistic Healing” plays its fair ground. The plethora of knowledge that our ancient Vedic texts give, with regard to the process of Life, forms the bedrock of our “Holistic Yogic Healing”.

How does Holistic Yogic Healing work?

“Holistic Yogic Healing” works from the karmic level and uproots the root causes of diseases, both acute and chronic. For this very reason, this mode of healing is termed holistic and vedically known as ‘Brahma Vidya’ – knowledge about the Self.

What does holistic yogic healer do?

An intelligent holistic healing practitioner also seeks the guidance of Vedic astrology and Medical astrology – the eternal knowledge that enlightens about the past, present and future, to precisely arrive at and find the hidden cause for diseases.


My son was very impatient and would not listen to anything. He would often get angry and not co-operate with me. After visiting a child specialist, I was told that he has ADHD and that he has to undergo few behavioral therapies continuously. At the referral of a family friend who is a medical doctor, I decided to give HYH a try. As the first session progressed, the healer inquired whether my son had experienced suffocation due to drowning. It was then that I recalled such an incident that occurred when he was 7 years old. To me, it seemed irrelevant to his current behavior. But I was told by the healer that his behavioral change was due to this event. And within 2 weeks of HYH, my son became completely normal once again. His handwriting improved and he is now very patient and loving at home and school. He is showing consistent improvement in his studies as noted by his tutor.

Our son, a medical student, aged 24, met with an accident 4 years ago and lost his memory due to a traumatic head injury. We took treatment from many renowned medical institutions, but were told that this damage was permanent and our son may never regain his memory. We had to take care of him like a 5-year-old again. He has been receiving HYH (Holistic Yogic Healing) sessions from R. Mukundha Krishnan and Aparna over the past year. He is showing good improvements – walking without support, clarity in speech, greater self- awareness, urine retention, and recognizing people who interact with him daily.

I took HYH (Holistic Yogic Healing) sessions from Aparna Ma’am. She is very polite and listens to all the problems you tell her from A-Z. The sessions received had an instant result. After my first few sessions, I could feel my body lighter, my mind positive and calmer. And my thyroid issues had started to recede. Not just that she also helps in guiding in other areas like asanas or diet, which helped making my condition better.

I found Aparna’s visions were chillingly accurate. In addition her HYH (Holistic Yogic Healing) sessions made me feel lighter – are changing my life.

Ups and downs are common in everyone’s life. It never occurred to me that events/incidents could have an impact on my normal life and close my internal spiritual chakras. I took HYH (Holistic Yogic Healing) sessions and gained much spiritual insights into my issues. I gained a sense of balance and calm from the anxieties of daily life, especially that of a civil service aspirant.

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