The three essential ingredients to a balanced and harmonious living are:

  • being disease-free,
  • knowing the cause of disease, taking remedial measures to alleviate suffering,
  • following preventive measures as future course of action, and
  • to sustain the state of well-being (thus achieved) physically,mentally and spiritually, and live life effectively as an integrated personality.

At The Wellness Center for Yoga & Holistic Yogic Healing, we emphasise a holistic approach to health and wellness. We work with each client to develop a plan of action tailored to his or her individual needs. Our goal is to integrate physical, emotional, mental, nutritional, and spiritual components and restore balance inwardly and outwardly. We draw our expertise from the ancient wisdom of Ashtanga Yoga, Upanishads and Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) to chalk out an integrated, healthy roadmap to your future. Before scheduling an appointment, read more about Etiquette at the Wellness Centre.

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